Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tofu Chilli - Chinese style!

My husband loves Indian Chinese food and whenever we go to Fremont, we land up going to Spice Hut and eating Indian chinese there. On a recent visit to the grocery store, I found Pete's Soygenic Szechuan tofu n sauce (see pic below). It was extra firm tofu marinated in chilli garlic sauce.

So,I tried making tofu chilli (instead of Paneer Chilli) and it turned out really good. Here goes the recipe.

1 Pack Soygenic Szechuan tofu n sauce - cut in to small cubes (Can use any extra firm tofu and marinate it with chilli garlic sauce for a couple of hours, or can use paneer).
2 Sliced capsicums
1 Sliced Onion
Salt to taste
Soya sauce to taste
Oil for cooking (I use canola oil)

Fry the capsicum and onion together on high flame. Dont overcook it. Keep it crunchy.

Add soya sauce to this and salt to taste. Add the tofu cubes and mix everything together. Serve hot with fried rice!


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