Sunday, August 12, 2007

Quick and easy pizza!

A delightful treat for the tummy and soul! It was Sunday evening and spending a whole lot of time in the kitchen was the last thing on my mind. I just wanted to relax and enjoy the last few hours of my weekend :(. I had just come back from two hours of grocery shopping and one of the things I bought was garlic naan (any naan can be used) from Trader Joes. I had some yummy amul cheese (my husband's favourite) in the fridge. So, I decided to make a tomato and cheese pizza. It turned out to be so quick and amazing!!! Here goes the recipe.

Cut one tomato in to thin slices (half a tomato is sufficient for one pizza), arrange the slices on the naan lengthwise. I had some Italian seasoning on hand which I drizzled on it. Any kind of seasoning or just garlic salt would add a bunch of flavor to this. Grate amul cheese on the tomato slices generously (why not pamper your self on a Sunday evening :)) and then put the naan in the oven on broil for just 5 minutes till the cheese melts. The tomatoes get cooked in 5 minutes and the naan base becomes crisp. A delicious tomato cheese pizza is ready! It is very filling and can be paired up with soup or salad for a wonderful quick anytime meal. Enjoy! Try it with different toppings, I am sure it will work!